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Annual Receivables Finance International factoring and supply chain finance conference and exhibition

22-23 March 2012, Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam.

Wednesday 18 January 2012 is the last day to be eligable for the Early Bird discount.



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WHICH DIRECTION: signposting future wealth
BCR is pleased to announce that the 12th annual Receivables Finance International factoring and supply chain finance conference and exhibition will take place on 22-23 March 2012 at the Amsterdam, Marriott Hotel.
In a climate of eurozone turmoil, deterioration in client numbers in many markets, the higher price of refinancing, tougher regulation and political instability, where can the receivable financer find a safe hub to minimise risk exposure, grow its business and increase wealth.
Having twelve years experience in organising one of the industry's top events and being publisher of the World Factoring and World Supply Chain Finance Yearbooks, BCR believes that, there is now strong confusion in the market regarding the direction of its future development. Many factors are enjoying high profits due to restrictions in bank credit; while others are suffering huge losses form clients going bust, adverse payment discipline and high credit risks. In Amsterdam we will discuss current factoring and supply chain finance markets concerns, opportunities and emerging trends. Find out:
  • How certain business practices and geographical locations can lead your company to safety and prosperity;
  • What pitfalls should you avoid on the way;
  • Which direction to take to maximise ROI;
  • What hazards 2012 poses for businesses;
  • What opportunities in emerging receivables finance markets could offer in the new economic environment.
Receivables Finance International brings together over a hundred senior industry professionals from around the world to share their views on the directions to follow for future wealth.

Who should attend?

Decision makers from factoring companies, asset based lenders, trade finance banks and companies, invoice discounters, credit insurers accounting and consulting firms, corporate treasurers, corporate advisors, brokers and law firms.
The full programme will be released shortly. Conference tickets for the two day event are £1100 each.
BCR has negotiated a special conference room rate for Amsterdam Marriott Hotel of:
Standard deluxe rooms €219 per night for single or double use (City Tax excluded at 5% per room per night).

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