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1. Company & Credentials

BCR Publishing was founded in 1992 to produce high quality in-depth industry reports and is acknowledged as the leading provider of factoring market information in the world. You may know us better for our books and reports: the World Factoring Yearbook (11th edition) and Factoring in the UK (now in its 12th edition).
Michael Bickers, author of Factoring in the UK and editor of The World Factoring Yearbook, is regarded as an authority on factoring. Following a senior-level career in credit management and commercial finance, he has gone on to establish his credentials as the leading independent journalist on the factoring industry. His findings and articles have been published in numerous newspapers and journals including The Financial Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times.

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2. Previous Products

BCR have published or are currently in the process of publishing (some as part of a joint venture with The Stationary Office) the following titles amongst others:

European Trade Finance Yearbook 2012/2013 (Nov 2012)
World Supply Chain Finance 2012/2013 (Nov 2012)
World Factoring Yearbook 2012 (Oct 2012)
World Supply Chain Finance Yearbook 2011/2012 (Nov 2011)
World Factoring Yearbook 2011 (Oct 2011)
World Supply Chain Finance Yearbook 2010 (Aug 2010)
World Factoring Yearbook 2010 (Aug 2010)
World Factoring Yearbook 2009 (Apr 2009)
World Factoring Yearbook 2008 (Mar 2008)
Factoring in the UK 12th Edition (May 2008)
World Factoring Yearbook 2006/2007 (Dec 2006)
Factoring in the UK 11th Edition (May 2006)
World Factoring Yearbook 2005/06 (Dec 2005)
World Factoring Yearbook 2004 (Sep 04)
Factoring in the UK 10th Edition (May 05)
World Credit Insurance (Oct 02)
Equipment Leasing in the UK (Jan 97)
Equipment Leasing in the UK (Jul 00)
Equipment Leasing in Europe (Aug 98)
Credit Insurance in Europe (Oct 98)
International Trade Finance (Oct 98)
Vehicle Finance in Europe (Jul 98)
Venture Capital in Europe (Oct 98)
Securitisation in Europe (Aug 98)
Syndicated Lending in Europe (Sep 98)
Insurance Industry in Europe (Aug 98)
Debt Collection in the UK and Europe (Sep 98)
Electronic Banking in Europe (Aug 98)







3. Factorscan.com Editorial Board

Julio Nielsen, International Manager for Factorline in Chile

Julio is Chilean and a trained Civil Industrial Engineer. He is married and 45 years old. Julio has 12 years of experience in the field of international factoring and presently works as International Manager for Factorline in Chile. Prior to this, he acquired 10 years of experience in the field of credit insurance having worked as Head of Underwriting and Reinsurance at Compañía de Seguros de Crédito Continental, a member of the Atradius Group.

 Ken Hitzig , Chairman of the Board at Accord Business Credit

Ken Hitzig and W. Amadeus Mozart share the same birthdate, January 27, but not the same year.  Ken was born in 1932, 176 years after W.A.M. 
As President of Accord, Ken has seen the Company grow into one of the largest factoring/finance companies in Canada.  Accord has been publicly traded since 1992 and has a significant presence in the U.S. market with a full-scale operation headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.  Ken says that if he can make it till April of next year he will mark a half-century in the business. Ken was at the founding meeting of Factors Chain International in 1968 and at different times has served on the Executive and the Communications Committee.  He has also been a panelist at several Commercial Finance Association seminars in the United States. 
Peter Mulroy

Peter Mulroy, Secretary General, Factors Chain International 

Josep Selles II
Josep Selles, General Manager of Eurofactor Hispania  

Bachelors in Publicity and Public Relations at the University of Barcelona
Masters at IESE School of Business.
Manager of factoring, confirming and forfaiting department in Banco Sabadell until May 2005.
 May 2005 – General Manager of Eurofactor Hispania  S.A. (group Credit Agricole)
Member of the European General Manager Committee of Eurofactor.
 Member of the Executive Committee of Asociación Española de Factoring and past Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Factors Chain International.
Past Chairman of the Marketing and Development committee of International Factors Group
Representative of the Spanish Factoring Association in the EUFederation.
Professor at universities and business schools in Barcelona.
Have published numerous articles in domestic and international publications.
Josep has set up two factoring departments of banks in Mexico and Uruguay.
Josep Selles II
Neal Harm  

Neal Harm is the President of BB&T's Factoring and Invoice Finance Division and a member of the banks Commercial Finance Advisory Board. Prior to Neal's current role, he was the Chief Operating Officer for the Bank's Commercial Finance Division to include Equipment Finance, Asset Based Lending, Factoring, Supply Chain Finance, and Mortgage Warehouse Lending.  He has been with BB&T for 8 years.
Neal started in Commercial Finance 20 years ago as a Collateral Field Examiner in Florida for Barnett Bank (now known as Bank of America).  Over the years, Neal has managed sales teams, credit portfolios, IT, operations, and various finance aspects of the Commercial Finance business.  Throughout his career, Neal has been active in cross border trade finance with both banks and non-bank finance companies through SWIFT, IFG, FCI, and CFA.  Neal is currently the Chairman of FCI's Communication Committee.
Josep Selles II
Margrith Lutschg-Emmenegger  

Margrith Lutschg-Emmenegger has worked in trade finance with a special focus on Forfaiting and factoring for most of her professional life, first with Barclays Bank and then with Midland Bank Aval in London before joining West Merchant Bank (now WestLB AG) where she had global responsibility for Forfaiting/Factoring with WestLB AG. Margrith joined Fimbank in April 1st 2003 as Executive Vice president, responsible for business development and was appointed to President on 1st September 2004 and appointed to the Board of Directors as Vice Chairman in May 2012.
In 19999 Mrs Lutschg-Emmenegger co-founded the International Forfaiting Association where she served at Deputy Chairman until September 2003. She has written numerous articles on forfaiting including a book, published in 1998 by Euromoney titled, ‘A guide to Forfaiting’. She has been a regular speaker on the subject for many years travelling around the world teaching audiences the benefits of forfaiting and factoring.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

What Countries are covered in the Factorscan Service?

Americas: Argentina; Barbados; Bolivia; Brazil; Canada; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; El Salvador; Equador; Guatemala; Haiti; Honduras; Jamaica; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; Peru; Puerto Rico; Uruguay; USA; Venezuela 
Asia Pacific: Afghanistan; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Brunei; Cambodia; China; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Japan; Kazakhstan; Korea; Kyrgyzstan; Macau; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Taiwan; Tajikstan; Tanzania; Thailand; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Vietnam;  
Australasia: Australia; New Zealand
Europe: Albania; Armenia; Austria; Azerbaijan; Baltic States; Belarus; Belgium; Bosnia and Hercegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Kosovo; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Malta; Moldova; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; UK; Ukraine
Middle East and Africa: Algeria; Bahrain; Botswana; Egypt; Ethiopia; Ghana; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kenya; Lebanon; Madagascar; Mauritus; Morocco; Namibia; Nigeria; Oman; Palestinian Territories; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; Swaziland; Syria; Tanzania; Tunisia; UAE; Uganda; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe

What will you get from factorscan.com?

  • Factorscan.com provides instant access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date factoring market intelligence, news and corporate analysis at the touch of a button
  • Find exactly the information you need within seconds by using our search facility to scan our extensive database
  • Your only source of detailed company results, market volumes, client numbers and more, country by country
  • Factorscan.com is continuously updated, bringing you factoring news and information as it happens
  • Up to the minute scrolling news bar with the latest factoring developments
  • All this as well as in-depth analysis of the economic backdrop to factoring in each country and the historical development of this dynamic industry

What type of information will you find in factorscan.com?

  • Current factoring news
  • Industry environment
  • Quick guide to all industry players including a who's who of senior staff
  • In-depth analysis of all factors
  • Client sectors
  • Legal & accounting developments
  • Company profiles
  • Industry reports
  • Legal & political information
  • Macroeconomic forecasts
  • Macroeconomic statistics
  • Information archives from previous BCR publications
  • Regularly updated directory of factors in each country

How often is the information updated?

Depending on the type of information, it is updated anywhere from continuously throughout the day to once annually. For instance factoring news in the scrolling bar will be updated every day as soon as there is new information to report, whereas the economic and historical analysis of each country will be updated on an annual basis. Some macroeconomic figures may be updated once per quarter. Company specific information such as annual reports will be published on release.

5. Subscription

Comprehensive Package

  • Complete access to the entire global factorscan.com site for your whole office for one year.
  • You're just one click away from the most important and detailed factoring market information anywhere in the world.
  • Includes in-depth market and balance sheet analysis of all UK factoring companies.
  • Includes 1 free copy of Factoring in the UK + 1 free copy of the World Factoring Yearbook.
  • News continuously updated. Scrolling banner with the latest industry news at a glance.

6. Testimonials

Don't Just Take Our Word for it:

"An excellent source for both cross-country comparative statistics as well as country case studies explaining trends and developments" Leora Klapper, Financial Economist, World Bank, New York

"The most authoritative and comprehensive country by country analysis of the global factoring industry" Jeroen Kohnstamm, Secretary General, Factors Chain International, Amsterdam

"A well informed, authoritative bible for the industry and beyond" Barclays

“The site is very user-friendly and more pleasing on the eye than the old site. I was also pleased with the comprehensive list of links that are included.” Lisa Harvey, Bibby Financial Services, UK


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