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Don't take a risk on a serial killer

Special Series - Information Technology, Tuesday, 11 March 2008

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Factoring companies face fraud from the honest businessman gone wrong to the so-called serial killers who create companies with the sole purpose of exploiting control weaknesses. The software used by factoring companies plays an essential role in combating all these scenarios. Roopi Makkar reports.

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BCR have teamed up with fidis to bring you this series on the impact that software is having on the factoring industry.
fidis stands for people, applications, systems, processes and product designs for factoring and other asset financing products.
However the rules governing markets may develop, however the rules may influence the effectiveness, efficiency and success of your business model today or tomorrow: FACT.pilot – the factoring software by fidis – help you to improve the quality of your service, to protect your investments and to safeguard your future.
Long-term industry experience and best practices are combined in this unique application.
FACT.pilot is the software by experts for experts of the factoring and asset financing industry.

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